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[sticky post] Rules and Regulations

Dear Visitors,

If you want to join it please read the rules below first and find out how to join it.

The Rules
1. Don't share our subs outside this community, don't upload it into streaming site, don't sell the subs, and don't share our password
2. You are free to translate it into another language but please inform us first

How to Join:
Click the join button and We will check a little bit about you such as:
- Who are you and where are you from?
- What did you post on your own journal?

If your live journal is empty or have less than 10 posts, you can PM (message) Lynn79 your another blog such as Blogger, personal website, twitter, D-addicts account (with more than positive 50 posts), tumblr, instagram. All those sites must be accessable or make it public. We will not add your twitter or instagram just to check you, so you must set the setting into public, other wise we will reject your application. Please dont send us Facebook account as we cant check it.

- Don't forget to click join button after you send PM to Lynn79
- Please enable your PM setting incase we need to reply your PM
- No need to add lynn79 as friend because I will never post any subs in that LJ

To get the passwords for Members, please click:

Thank you



I am going to vacation from 21 till 30 Dec... I will check all the applications and messages after I come back.

Thank you

For Indonesian Only


Sambil menunggu substitle yang belom diupdate, mgk kalian2 ada yang sedang mencari tas, jam tangan, etc sebagai hadiah natal, hadiah ulang tahun atau untuk diri sendiri..
Silahkan diliat, dicek dan di follow instagram dibawah ini:

Vie_shoplicious : https://www.instagram.com/vie_shoplicious/

Barang dijamin 100% asli, bukan KW, semi original atau barang palsu lainnya.. Dan harganya tentu saja lebih murah daripada ditokonya...

Kita akan mengupdate barang2 yang terbaru setiap saat berdasarkan kedatangan.. Pertengahan December ini bakal ada kedatangan kosmetik dari Amrik, sedangkan akhir Dec kemungkinan ada PO untuk barang dari Thailand..

Untuk pengiriman barang kita menggunakan JNE atau Tiki, kita tidak menerima COD atau pengiriman melalui Gojek..

Selamat Melihat-lihat dan berbelanja...

Dear all,

if you send a pm to me, please make sure that you enable the privacy option for private message.
Some of you sent a pm to me about application but you forgot to click join button and I dont have any idea how to contact you..

To machikomomo, blablabla1506 and bokunostation, if you read this, please click join button.

And for other new applications, 

Please make sure to read rules and regulation before click join button... Till now, there are so many people got rejected because they dont follow our rules...

Thank you

Request : Raw Naze Kazoku wa Kesareta no Ka

Dear all,

We plan to sub 2nd part of Yamapi's drama SP "Naze Kazoku wa Kesareta no ka? Kokoro wo Ayatsuru Kyofu no Psychopath" but we cant find decent RAW.
if anyone has it, can you please share it with us?

Thank you

Suspending doramatique's password

Dear visitors,
unfortunately there has been another breech and this time it was done by someone named "johansan". He uploaded my subtitle without permission at a torrent website. Since I'm not a member or any torrent site, I can't ask the administrator to take it down. If someone wants to help me, please PM me.
Until that subtitle is taken down, I will suspend this community's password section and will continue subbing using my old livejournal, torachan2006.
I already asked lynn to open the membership application once again, but sadly this problem came up.
For the uploader, I only want your honesty as a person and please obey the rule. My subtitle is for free and I want you to appreciate my work and privacy.
Thank you and sorry for the inconvenient.


Small announcement


I have another announcement for those who want to join this community. The approvals will be organized by Lynn. If your LJ is active, it will help you to be accepted faster than if yours is empty. If your LJ is empty and you want to send PM with your links, please send it to Lynn. Lynn is the maintainer of this community and I’m currently focusing on subbing Zeni and Borderline.

When you send some links, please make sure that your link is accessible. Recently I received some locked / protected links. I also received links to drama or anime list, but unfortunately they are only drama or anime list and no comments inside, thus I still haven’t approve you.
I hope you wouldn’t left wondering, why isn’t there any feedback from me.

Have a nice day

Another rule breaker

I got an information, that a person named Kenji2 has uploaded my White Lab subtitle on a torrent site.
I think it is really getting annoying.
Can someone clearly understand that I have set the rules?
Actually I didn't intend to keep everything password-protected like this, if I wasn't mocked and the administrator didn't do anything about it.

In Japan we'd never mock anyone trying to speak Japanese. Everyone is supportive and trying to understand, what others trying to say.
It's so sad that some people, who have real problem in their daily lives, turn to Internet to mock others for their own satisfaction, and even infiltrate Japanese drama community.
And it's even sadder, that people nowadays tend to break rules, they've vowed to obey.

I hope Kenji2 understands, that he will not be respected if he can't respect others.

It's been a really sad day :(

Saigo no Keikan has been erased

Hello all,

I was told by a friend, that someone has posted Saigo no Keikan's password to DA. Therefore I erased the file for good. That drama was aired almost a year ago anyway, and everyone in here must have watched it.

Because of this happening, I think I need to consider about how to upload the files on the internet and how to keep them from being spread without permission like that. And whoever has done it, you have to know that you have misused my trust.

Announcement update:
After many considerations I decided to not re-upload Saigo no Keikan. For those who haven't watch it, I heard from a friend that another person is subbing it. So you'll get the subtitles anyway. Don't worry, that person is definitely much better than me.
Thank you for your understanding.